A message to our volunteers:

The best thing we can do right now is to keep doing what we have always done – “serve those in need.”

While we are finding ourselves in very difficult and trying times, there is always a need to feed those in need.

The time has now come to realize at what cost and what steps do we follow. Our world as we once knew it is being taken over with a virus that is running havoc on our nation and the world. There are too many unknowns in our future and the safety of our volunteers are a very big concern to all of us at Christmas Cheer.

So in order for the Christmas Cheer Foundation/Abundant Outreach to succeed, we are eliminating home deliveries of food this year.  We will be delivering large drops of food to other organizations and shelters that help those in need.

 You have been generous in past years and hope you will continue to do so in the hope that we can continue our home deliveries of meal distribution.

The Christmas Cheer Foundation also takes pleasure in announcing our new home at St. Giles Parish in Oak Park, IL.  The address and phone number are listed on top of this page.

You can also donate by going on to our website at www.christmascheer.org and pressing the “donate” button. We are grateful for all of you that have been most generous in giving of your time and contributions.  Any person wishing to be further involved in the growth of Christmas Cheer Foundation, should contact one of the individuals listed below by calling 708-383-0661.



Lucille Dalbis
Phil Calabrese
Diane Goubeaux

Countdown till Christmas 2020!

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About Christmas Cheer

We are a volunteer charitable organization whose purpose is to generate contributions in order to provide food, gifts, and a sense of community spirit to those in need in the metropolitan Chicagoland area. We have been in existence for over thirty years, growing larger each year. On Christmas Day, over 20,000 people receive delivered meals in Chicago and over 45 suburbs! Please consider partnering with us!Contact Us

Give Every Season

Abundant-Outreach for all seasons!

Abundant-Outreach is a not-for-profit charity, extends far beyond the holiday season. We started Abundant-Outreach to help others continuously through-out the year. We offer weekly soup and other goods kitchens through ministries as well as food distribution in November. Learn More

More Volunteer Opportunities

Corn Day!
Corn Day!

The next Corn Day is TBA 2021

Corn Day gives even the smallest of hands a chance to serve! Each year 20,000 cups of corn are packed into the Christmas meals that are joyfully received on Christmas. We are looking for children to come and have a great time filling the corn cups this year.

PLMA’s Food Partnership!
PLMA’s Food Partnership!

The next PLMA Show is TBA 2021

Volunteers are needed at the Rosemont Convention Center to pack up donated food. We pack the food the closing night of the event and have trucks readily available to deliver food to our warehouse for later distribution to the hungry.