The Christmas Cheer Foundation Story

We are an all-volunteer group that delivers prepared meals to Chicagoland homebound and hungry on Christmas Day.

Mission Statement

Christmas Cheer for the holiday season!
Abundant-Outreach for all seasons!
We are a volunteer charitable organization whose
purpose is to generate contributions in order to provide food and a sense of community spirit to those in need in the metropolitan Chicagoland area.

Christmas Cheer has been in existence for over thirty-five years, growing larger each year. On Christmas Day, over 20,000 meals will be delivered to homes in Chicago and 45 or more suburbs.

The names are secured from public service agencies, schools, township service offices, and people who call for help. Its success is based on contributions from community members and local business owners and hundreds of volunteers. The need for volunteers and donations grows annually.

As the face of Christmas Cheer keeps changing to reflect the generous heart of mercy that is in every benefactor and volunteer, we experience the season of giving stretching throughout the year.

Along with Christmas Cheer Foundation, our subsidiary organization, Abundant Outreach, serves tens of thousands of people during the November food distribution, as well as, weekly soup distribution throughout the year. Please press the Abundant Outreach tab to view more.