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Abundant -Outreach

Abundant-Outreach, a not-for profit charity that extends far beyond the holiday season. It was born out of the need to help others continuously throughout the year. It is a not for profit charity that extends far beyond the holiday season.

Abundant Outreach serves various communities, assisted daycare center and children’s residences by acting as an agent for distribution of food and gifts throughout the year.

Its “Soup Ministry” feeds about 700-1000 people each week in various parishes, not-for-profit care facilities and homeless shelters in the Metro Chicago Area

Abundant -Outreach needs volunteers on TBA for this endeavor. 


Christmas Cheer Foundation

Christmas Cheer Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt foundation consisting of an all-volunteer group that prepares and delivers meals, new children books and beanie babies to needy families and seniors within the Chicagoland and suburban area on Christmas Day. In addition, we provide other support projects throughout the year.

When did it begin?

In 1981, a group of volunteers gathered at Good Shepherd Church in Oak Park to provide meals that would be delivered by a friendly face to about 150 homebound people on Christmas morning. These people received Meals on Wheels on regular bases, but due to the holiday no meal would be available to them that day.

When do all the activities begin?

CCF planning is a year around project of love with the core group of volunteers. But our major work (when we need our large group of volunteers) starts in early December and continues during the whole month. Culminating on Christmas Day when we need the most volunteers.

Where does all this take place?

Prior to Christmas Day, CCF works with the cooperation of St. Cyprian Parish in River Grove and the Dominican University in River Forest.

But on Christmas Day and a week prior to Christmas all activities are located at the Dominican University Priory campus

How many volunteers are needed and what do they do?

Over 400 volunteers help with wrapping and transportation of various items to the Priory about a week before Christmas. In addition on Christmas Day, 500 volunteers are involved in the assembling, preparation, routing, delivering, and clean up and all the other necessary activities in order to complete our labor of love.

Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation

Corn Day!

The next Corn Day is TBA

Corn Day gives even the smallest of hands a chance to serve! Each year 20,000 cups of corn are packed into the Christmas meals that are joyfully received on Christmas. We are looking for children to come and have a great time filling the corn cups this year.

Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation

PLMA’s Food Partnership!

The next PLMA Show is TBA

Private Label Trade Show

For more than 30 years, PLMA’s annual trade show has been the industry event of the year, where retailers and wholesalers source for their private label programs in Rosemont at the Stevens Convention Center.

More than 1,300 companies from 35 countries will be exhibiting their products, including 25 international pavilions.

650,000 sq. feet of food, snacks and beverages to household and kitchen products to health and beauty that are left at the trade show are to be picked up, shrink wrapped and sent to a warehouse to be sorted and distributed to charities that volunteer to help

Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation
Christmas Cheer Foundation